About Paul

“Rhythm Evangelist” – BBC Music Magazine

Paul graduated MFA with distinction from Belfast School of Art and has an MBA Business Masters degree.

Bingbangbong started out as it is now with Paul on his own continuing to explore ways of making musical sound from unusual sources. Bingbangbong was formerly a limited company, specialising in the design and manufacture of outdoor musical instruments.

Paul has retained continuous ownership of bingbangbong as a trademark and trading identity plus all intellectual property, design, moral and copy rights to novations.

Weird Instruments & Sound Sculptures since 2000

Lost and Found Orchestra

You may have enjoyed some of Paul’s ‘bingbangbong’ sculptures, instruments and designs in schools and playparks around the world or seen Paul on BBC Dragon’s Den. 

Paul Marshall from N Ireland has a background creating weird musical instruments for performance and theatrical groups such as STOMP, professional musicians like Dame Evelyn Glennie and professional ensembles like the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

If I can make it vibrate, I can tune it

Tuning Soy Sauce bottles for ‘Bottle Bellows’

The design of musical instruments is simply about creating and controlling vibration and recognising or creating that potential. When we look at objects and materials, we see only the purpose for which they normally used. Many objects have additional properties that may be repurposed for musical use.

Bottle Bellows in Performance

Paul has been taking stuff apart since he could hold a screwdriver. A lifelong fascination with sound, engineering and a love of percussion combine practically in an instrument designer and instrument design consultant. 

Paul is fortunate to have toured the world as a professional musician. He has been playing drums since age 5 and percussion of the world for over 30 years. Paul has built many drums including huge lambegs, Bushmills barrel taiko drums and bodhrans.