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Outdoor Musical Instruments

Outdoor Musical Instruments.

Bingbangbong is the UK’s specialist designer and manufacturer of Outdoor Musical Instruments for Schools, Nurseries and Play Areas. Anatony of a chime

These are proper Outdoor Musical Instruments and not Outdoor Musical Toys despite the similarities in appearance. All of our instruments are hand-tuned in a temperature controlled environment and then grouped into match-tuned sets to ensure the best quality relationship between the notes supplied.

Additionally, our metal items undergo a multi-stage industrial preparation to protect against permanent exposure to the worst  the UK weather can throw at it. These items are built to last and last, our chimes are virtually indestructable and should provide generations of musical value.

Our tuning process places instruments in exact tune however being made from industrial materials and undergoing  technical processes after tuning, our outdoor musical instruments can never be fine-quality concert instruments.

We take every effort to anticipate the effects of processing to get every note of every instrument as close as we can, certainly within 10c and usually within 5c of each other. It is a matter of pride for us that we produce the most accurate outdoor instruments available in the UK.

Of course we don’t just make Outdoor Musical Instruments, the standard pentatonic ‘Dragon’ tuning and the colour scheme adopted lends itself to a wide range of games and activities. The Dragon tuning is recommended by DfES for KS1 & KS2 music learning

Paul Marshall, the bingbangbong founder is a former Early years music educator & workshopper; based on those skills, we offer a ‘pentatonic primer’ support to all customers to get the ball rolling. These are not scary dots and lines but use sock colours, car colours, telephone numbers or maths homeworks to generate Music Streams that can be explored by the children and adults.

There are also pentatonic songbooks available on the web and from your local book shop that can be applied straight away, we also tie-in with the boomwhacker range of instruments in terms of colour and tuning.

We are keen to point out that our musical idea has spawned playground copycats – we are not playground-makers turned musical-toy-makers, we are Outdoor Instrument Design Specialists and professional instrument builders; This is all we do – our clients include Stomp, Hollywood Movies, Award-Winning Show Gardens, Exploratory centres and beyond.

We care very much that you get the best products we can make because the Outdoor Musical Instruments you buy from us will be with you for a very, very long time. As purchaser, they also form part of your personal legacy for generations of future pupils of the school.

Please contact us if we can help with your outdoor music area; It’s not about selling what we make, it’s about meeting your needs and those of the children using bingbangbong Outdoor Musical Instruments.